Monday, March 21, 2011

What is Up around here.... also known as... someone better teach me how to use icons correctly!

O.K., so here is what is going on in the Johnson house. I am too tired to post pictures right now. Maybe tomorrow... The numbers mean absolutely nothing because my thoughts aren't in any particular order..
   1. Our Mexican Riviera cruise is OFF because we had too many sick people at the last minute. (Insert a sad face icon here followed by a concerned face icon because I am concerned about all these sick people icons running around)
   2. Thank goodness for cruise insurance. It is a bit of a pain with all the paperwork and dr's notes though.. (insert a relieved icon face here)
   3. I took the kids to Golfland/Sunsplash on Friday to make up for no cruise. Too crowded.  But we bought season passes at a really good deal, so we will just enjoy that in the summer. (Insert a mommy icon holding a boy in a life jacket icon. Now many little icons swimming by keep kicking the mommy icon in the head.)
   4. On Saturday, while still breaking the kids down softly about no trip, I took them to a surfing  simulator. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. Bad part is: I popped my shoulder out of it's socket on a particularly bad wipeout on the surf board. No worries, we have lots of pictures and that makes up for it... he he he.....  (Insert a happy faced, injured mommy icon, but emphasize the happy face)
   5. A new Brandon Mull book came out last week... yea! Not finished yet. Will let you know if I love it! (insert a happy faced icon in a lazy boy with her door shut trying to read said book. Insert little icons pounding on the locked door! Please don't insert a phone icon and the number to CPS!)
   6. Morgan was REALLY sick last week. Sicker than I have ever seen him. (Insert frowny-face icon here with a mask on.)
   7. Luckily, Morgan is feeling a bit better this week. Bad bronchitis is a hard one to beat. (Insert a releived wife icon, but also insert a silly faced wife icon who enjoyed watching her husband get a huge shot in the keyster full of strong anti-biotics...he he)
   8. Morgan's dad, who has been helping us around the house a lot, caught the same bad bronchitis and can't seem to kick the cough either. (Insert another frowny-face icon that is coughing everytime it tries to sing.)
   9. Becky Brimhall and Canyon visited last week so we had lots of fun trying to keep the kids away from Morgan. Went to Airworks, a really awesome jump place. Trampolines on the walls, etc. (Insert very excited children icons jumping everywhere. Keep the firemen icons close-by, cuz this could get ugly!)
   10. Saw "The Adjustment Bureau" with Becky Brim. It was a great movie and the best part was... someone called out our names at the theater and it turned out that Morgan's parents were at the exact same movie. We all sat together and had a blast. (You can't see these four icons because they are in the dark theater watching their movie.......)
  11. Saw "Tangled" tonight with the girls at the dollar theater. It was pretty good. Morgan and his dad and the boys opted for "Tron" and they really enjoyed it as well. I think that is Will's favorite movie ever!
   12. I am tired now.... must go sleep.... Too bad I am an insomniac....... (Insert an exhausted, blurry-eyed icon here!)
    13. Shoulder keeps popping in and out as I type.............. Must go read book.................. (Insert a determined, injured icon here)
     14. Tomorrow I am taking the kids to the Museum of Natural History and running Cub Scouts in the evening. ..... Maybe if I swim really fast I can still catch up with that cruise boat............I need a vacation from Spring Vacation...... (Insert swimming lady icon and a shark icon chasing her. Oh no, insert shoulder dislocated icon and shark icon taking a nibble of swimming lady icon's leg.)
     15. Enough of this madness!!
p.s. (Go Jimmer icon!!)


runningfan said...

Insert laughing icon. You're hilarious.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...


Erin said...

Oh, Christa. I can ALWAYS count on you for a laugh. Thanks friend. Have you guys decided what you're doing next week??

Wilson Winners said...
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Wilson Winners said...

:) :0 ;) :* 8) @--;--

-.- :0) ☺ ☻

Just wait till you have a teenager with a cell phone, you will get the 'emoticons' in a flash! This is my personal favorite.


It looks worried. I seriously laughed out loud, (LOL for us with teenage daughters, see above) when I read your blog, your super funny.

Love it!

Love from Boise!

PS Sorry about the cruise, that super sucks. :(

Happy said...

Christa, you have missed your calling. You need to be a writer. I was having a some what concerned day today and with your blag, I just sat back and started putting in the icons and I could just see you doing all of this. You are a great writer and you share such wonderful items with your public. The cruise will be good for another time. I did not realize you were taking the youngsters as well. What a fun time that would have been.


bek said...

i'm so proud that i made it onto your famous blog, like twice! (insert gloating and happy be-fri icon!)