Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let's start with the setting....

Alright everybody, I am finally back in the blogoshpere after having the trip of my life this weekend to Orlando, Florida. I say "the trip of my life" because I actually think that this trip will save my life. Some of the things I learned there, well, most of the things I learned there, are things that are going to help to prolong my mortal existence. Hence, it really was "the trip of my life".
First, because I don't want to overwhelm you, I will show you the setting. Keep in mind, I only left the hotel breifly one day to buy suveniors. Other than that, I was running from 7am till midnight the whole weekend at classes or with doctors, gentetisists, ect.  

      Here is the beautiful pool at the hotel that I sat by one time, trying to get some sun before I hustled off to my next session of classes. By the way, the weather there was a spectacular 80 degrees the whole weekend.
 This is only one of the towers at the Peabody hotel where the conference was held and where I stayed.
 Here is my veiw from a window as I was hustling to change clothes before the next event.
 Spectacular! It even had a water slide which I didn't have time to try out. Beautiful view though!
 And here are the ducks. Seriously, I guess this is a big thing there at the Peabody and something they are famous for. They have these magnificent trained ducks that stay in a pent house with a garden somewhere in the hotel and everyday at 11am on the dot, the "duck man" (a guy dressed up real nice and carrying a fancy cane with a gold duck head on the top), leads the row of ducks down a red carpet path that goes throughout the hotel and ends at red carpeted stairs leading up to their fountain. The ducks march obediently behind him and everyone in the hotel runs to take pictures. Seriously, there were millions of people everywhere. And they let a "guest kid" help lead the ducks as well. I asked around and you have to call months in advance to reserve the right for your child to be the helper.
Then the ducks obediently march to their designated spots at the fountain and stay there until 5pm, when the whole cerimony repeats itself as the Duckman takes them back to their room.
 Needless to say, it was quite the amazing show. And they must be trained REALLY well, because I have ducks in the lake in my backyard and they don't act ANYTHING like these ducks. I guess I must not have "show ducks" here at the golf course!! he he he
 Obediently eating it's designated food from the designated pedistool.
Seriously, I can't even get my kids to act as well as these ducks behaved. Crazy!!!!

So, that gives you a bit of understanding as to where I was staying during this conference. It was such a fancy hotel that there were even TVs in the mirrors in the bathroom. (Man, I should have taken a picture of that. Talk about fancy....) You can brush your teeth and catch the news at the same time. Though I wouldn't advice shaving or even putting on makeup at the same time, I just think you might have an accident.

And there were even weddings like this one going on in the lobbies. I swear she looks like a famous person or something. That dress probably cost at least 5.00... maybe even 10.00. She also looked at me strange after I took her picture, because she had a full-on professional photo shoot going on and I just pull out my Nikon and snap a shot. he he he

Now you get a bit of a feel of the setting, so the next post will go over the trillion of things that I learned that are all jumbled in my mind. And I still have a huge stack on my bedroom floor of papers I need to go over and podcasts I still need to review. But, I will spoon feed it all to you, because right now I feel like I have a whole spoonfull of information stuck in my throat and I don't want to do that to you. You might choke (I am used to choking down tons of information, so I am a professional choker-downer!)


All 7 of Us said...

I was so glad you were able to come. I am so glad that I got to meet you!

annebabe said...

woo hoo, you're back!! can't wait to hear all about your "once in a lifetime" trip, sounds amazing. and anyone for duck soup? ha ha!

runningfan said...

Oh, hooray! So glad you went, so glad it was wonderful.

Kimo Wilson said...

The suspense in palatable! I cant wait for the next post. I am SO glad that you love it! Thanks for Posting!

Much love from Boise,


Erin said...

I can't believe you stayed at the Peabody!!! I would love to stay there and see the ducks! (I've seen them on the Travel Channel...)