Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Last week in a nutshell... my baby turned 5, my great friend died, and my oldest turned 12... so it was an "emotionally filled" week

I am trying to get caught up on my blogs from last week, but I am slow to process everything because it is all very emotionally draining. Yet, I know time marches on as it always does and I have yet to update you all....
 Cassidy chose to have an ice skating party. I told her she could invite only four friends so I could handle the ruckus and still have some fun. And boy, did these girls have fun!!! (Me, on the other hand, I was just plain cold)
                                                   Cassidy, Becca, and Joyce
    All the girls in the middle of the ice rink: Cassidy, Emily, Alyssa, Rebecca, and Joyce

  Cassidy enjoying her hot chocolate on a skating break.
                       Cassidy and Emily enjoying each other and some much needed warmth.
  Me and my beautiful teenage daughter!!!
      Cassidy was really excited for present time. This year she got lots of clothes from us and an assortment of gifts from others. Here she is holding the 2 dollar bills Papa Lund gave her.
                                                          cake time!

 I will make a wish for you Cass: Many more years with you!!
            After the ice skating, we came back to the house to have fun, eat cake, and paint faces.
  Here are a few of them all painted up.  (By the way, the green on his face didn't come off so he had to wear a green face to church the next day. The Holy Goblin! )
Even Lund was great enough to let the girls paint his face.

                                        Fierce animals on the trampoline!

Love you Cassidy and I can't believe that you are all grown up!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

1:00 in the morning is sleeping time. Wish you could sleep and write later -- but oh, so glad you are writing this blog/journal and letting all in our your joys and colds and parties.
We are so happy to be near.

Jeremy and Ruth said...

She is so beautiful and getting mighty OLD!! I wish i were there to celebrate with you guys! I hope we can make it down there soon!

Wilson Winners said...

Happy Birthday Mama Cass! Woo Hoo, she is so Beautiful and it looks like she had an amazing time. What a great mother she has! Thanks for sharing your world with us, love the blog.

Luvs From Boise,