Monday, February 21, 2011

Just Life.....

I thought I would catch up and I am randomly going through a lot of various thoughts and I just thought I would put them all here and let you de-jumble them yourself. Good luck... he he he

Here is the sunset a few days ago... Isn't life beautiful!!

 And speaking of beautiful, my younger sister was teaching Cassidy the other day how to pose for different pictures once you are a "teenager"!
 Also, last Sunday evening, we gathered at my older sister's house to celebrate all the birthdays in the family for Jan, Feb, and March. So here are Cassidy, Lund and Cooper (Alisha's boy) opening their presents together.
 And here are all the birthday relatives lined up. Even Aunt Minh from Texas was there to join in on the fun.
                                                   Happy birthday folks!
 And they all had to share the same cake and candles.
 It was so wonderful recently to have relatives here in AZ that I haven't seen in many years. Morgan hadn't yet met my Great Uncle Augie and Kathy and my Uncle Jim and Mihn. Everyone got along beautifully and it is always fun to have family surrounding you in life. Here they are holding my younger sisters new baby! Babies are great at brining families together and Raelynn is especially adorable!!
 O.K. so here are the Wiemer girls in back... Alisha, Becky and I. (I am wearing a BYU basketball shirt to show my support for my younger brother Ryan who attends college there.)
Then in the front row we have visiting relatives Great Uncle Augie and Kathy, Uncle Jim and Mihn and my parents...
And here is my favorite picture today. The kids and daddy were all playing "Daddy Gorilla" on the trampoline which is a game they made up forever ago and it basically means that all the kids try to wrestle with daddy and daddy attacks them all!! I love it and it is really fun to watch.... And yes, there is ultimately a crying child in the end, but much laughter before....... Isn't that always how life goes?!!!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Up kind of early` -- or late. Hope you got sleep so you can continue to enjoy you family and still sleep well. What a fun idea for a "group birthday party" saves on cakes and party favors and such. PLUS everybody gets together !!! That is important.
Have a Great LIfe.

PinkyMcG said...

totally jealous that your aunt and uncle are wearing shorts in february! sounds like a great family celebration.