Friday, January 21, 2011

One proud momma!

(While I sit here recovering from my surgery, I will try to catch up on some memories over the past few weeks.)

Lund has been really getting into football the past year and when we saw sign ups for a flag football league, he was really excited. I am excited too because the time committment fits into our busy lives. He only has one optional practice on Wed afternoon and then we show up an hour early to the game on Saturday and practice then. Perfect!

The other reason I like this league so much is because they concentrate on sportsmanship and letting everyone play and other wonderful things. And at the end of each Saturday they pick a "sportsman" of the day, and guess what? My wonderful boy was the first to get a medal! I told him that I am more proud of sportsmanship than I am of winning or losing. He is so great at encouraging his teammates. Go Lund!

 He is also very good at football and it was very fun to watch his game. I think I can get used to sitting in a camping chair with the warm sun shining and watching them play.
 Here he is with his coach and his medal.... Way to go Lund!

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