Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bagdad Buddies...

Our kids have been begging us to go back to Bagdad every week for the last little while. They seem to have an emotional jar that needs to be filled when it comes to leaving Bagdad. Morgan claims that it was the same way when his family moved from Thatcher, AZ to Mesa, AZ. He can still remember many trips back and forth so everyone would be o.k. emotionally with the move.
A couple of weeks back we headed up to see our friends in Bagdad, and it helped that it was Potluck Sunday at the church! We had a wonderful time and filled our emotional jar to the brim.
 Here we see Morgan and Jim Mentzer. Notice Jim's tie... he doesn't mess around on potluck Sunday, a tie would just be in the way of all the awesome food.
 Cassidy stole a baby (of course). Here she is with Lydia.
 The younger kids found their friends outside and had tons of fun.
                                        Megan, Will, and Andrew Swaner.
             Here are all the kids before we hopped in the car and headed back to Gilbert.
                         Grandpa Thor playing football with Canyon and Lund.
   Before we left, we made a trip up to our old house. The Pacheco's met us up there and brought their puppies along as well. It was surreal to see our house being prepared for another family. Will just wanted to stay at his "house on a hill", and truthfully, it is the only house he has ever known since he was born there. He has had a hard time re-adjusting now that we are home. He likes to yell, "Who hates Bagdad??".... then he will instantly respond..."NOBODY!!"
                        Of course Sarah was in heaven since there were animals and friends involved.
 Sarah even took this picture. Not too shabby!
 *We feel that we need to live in Gilbert and LOVE our new home and life, but sometimes the kids miss Bagdad. It was 6 years of their childhood, 6 wonderful years!

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It's too bad we missed you guys. :(