Sunday, December 26, 2010

Let's start with Christmas Eve....

Christmas this year was magnanamous!!! But, to capture it all, I must start with Christmas Eve and the traditional Santa cookies at Grandma's house. All the cousins and their parents met up at Grandma's for a wonderful morning of creating and laughing. What a wonderful memory!!!

  Will begins decorating........
 Cousin Brody creating his Santa coookie.
 Cousin Cooper hard at work.
 Some completed Santa's.
 Cassidy creates her Santa. Little did she know, that three hours later she would be throwing up as a result of a sudden stomach flu.
                   Sarah is smiley as usual!
 This Santa cookie cracks me up. I can't decide if it is Alien Santa or Distorted Santa...hummm
 And here are all the Wiemer siblings... Me, Ryan, Alisha and Becky. Ryan is definitely surrounded by girls!
We had a wonderul time gathering and reliving old memories and helping our children create new ones. Isn't family great????!!!!


Strong Family - said...

I love the Santa cookies! We'll have to do those next year. And that's a great picture of you and your siblings. :-)

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What a glorious Christmas Tradition to meet and eat and greet -- oh, so neat!!

Wish we had been there, and share in the fun and love of Christmas with the family. Christmas and cookies and kids Santa and gifts, and smile and laughs and hugs and loves.