Monday, December 20, 2010

The Ghost of Christmas Past

We were watching "A Christmas Carol" today as a family and it got me thinking about the "ghost of Christmas past." I looked up a bunch of "ghosts" from Christmases gone by and you know what??? I LOVED what I saw!!!! I am thinking the ghost of Christmas past wouldn't be as scary for me as it was for Ebineezer..... all because of my amazing family!!!! Sit back and enjoy the ghosts of Johnson's past....

                                       Posing for Christmas cards in 2006...
                             It was right before I had Will in February. Oh, the memories!
                                   And here is our Christmas card a year later when Will was almost 1.
                                         ........and watch out for these two jokers around Christmas!!!
 And welcome to Fort Johnson that was built on a Christmas holiday in 2003ish...
                     And Cassidy giving Santa the lowdown in 2005.
                                                     ..........My, how she has grown!
 And one of our first Christmas cards we ever did, we spelled a word as a family. Can you figure out what we spelled?????             (Lund at age 2)
                                                      Cassidy at age 4
                                                         Me, looking about 15..... where did my youth go????
                                                    Morgan looking about 16! Did you guess the word yet?
 Another view of Fort Johnson with the big boys and all their digging!
 Oh, and don't ever give Morgan a snowman for Christmas....
                      were warned!!!
                      More views of Fort Johnson. Look how big it was. Sarah was just a little sprite back then.
                                Oh Cassidy, see how much you loved your sister back then!
  And Christmas card attempts in 2007 didn't go as well as planned. Sarah wasn't too thrilled......but could her face be any cuter? I think not!
                                          It did perk up from there!
                             And here is Sarah in 2005 after a bad experience with Santa......
               And here is that bad experience!!!!!!!!!!!!Sarah never liked Santa when she was younger.

I think we all need to take a good look at the ghosts of our Christmases past and I think we will find for the most part that they are wonderful memories full of love and caring, and especially family!!!!!! I love you all this holiday season and I feel the love from so many angles!!!!!


runningfan said...

Fun pictures!!

Farr Family said...

I loved looking at all your pictures. Your kids have grown and are so beautiful! We love you lots!

Happy said...

Hey I can remember some of those pictures because they were in Bagdad at the same time I was there. It is so much fun going down memory lane. Oh how I miss the west and the folks in Bagdad and in the Phoenix area.

Have a beautiful day, just like you are!