Thursday, November 11, 2010

Megamind was Mega-awesome!!!

*I would give it two thumbs him!
Today to celebrate our awesome Veteran's, we went to a movie...(yeah, I know... they don't actually correlate, but whose blog is this anyway?!!!).... We each celebrate our Veteran's differently and here at my house, we chose to stimulate the economy on this holiday and see a movie.
  And we felt like we hit a winner this time. Megamind was really, really funny for both adults and children alike. some
  In other news... our day was great today. Yesterday I was really exhausted and spent half the day in bed, but today I was on the go and feeling a lot better. I even got to help a girl in the ward that is trying out for the school softball team and needed to learn how to bunt. I was totally in my element! I miss coaching A LOT!!! 


Gwen said...

MegaJohnson's are totally awesome!I love hearing(and seeing)all that your amazing family is doing. (I feel so selfish if I don't comment "thanks" every once in a while)You made me cry when you said that you wouldn't trade cancer, given the chance. I understand...but then Will's flying lessons made me laugh out loud.
What a guy! The Haglund's love you all!

Bonnie Hynes said...

Yay Megamind, and Yay having a good day! I'm feeling good today too....must be the brisk autumn air! Love you..countdown to seeing you guys: 9 DAYS!!!