Sunday, November 7, 2010

Block Party Extrodinaire

Yesterday was the annual Fall Block Party for our cul-de-sac and boy was it AMAZING! It was our first time in attendance since we just moved into the house in September. We feel really blessed to have the neighbors that we have! They are each so caring, and very service oriented... Plus, I love the religious mix.....A Jewish family,  a catholic family, three LDS families and some Lutheran and Methodists in the mix as well. We are definitely learning about cultural diversity and loving every minute of it!
Let me just warn you that the pictures are darker than I would like, but the party was at night, and I still haven't mastered "night photography".
P.S. I made sure I took a nap before we left our house, and it was wonderful to have some energy for the party.
                                     Here is where everyone ate delicious pot luck grub!!!

Here is my beautiful house that I LOVE! I love where it is positioned in the cul-de-sac, I love that I can sit out front and watch my kids, I love, love, love the layout of the house... basically, I just love our  new house and I think I will just stay here forever...
And doesn't everyone have a HUGE blow up pirate ship at their party??? Our neighbor owns it and it is great. He is also running for the Town of Gilbert City Council so I am sure it helps during campaign time....
And doesn't everyone have a REAL frozen yogurt machine at their block parties??? No? Well, we did.... AWESOME!
And this is where I spent a lot of my time... playing basketball with the youth. It was really fun because I wasn't missing any shots and the kids were quite impressed....I might be bragging, but I am so glad that my many years of basketball playing have finally paid off!
                                         And arcade hoops for the youngsters....And a balloon hat made by....oh, you know who!!! Morgan is up to his old tricks again!
                                         Sarah looks simply adorable with her ice cream cone.
                                          The pirate ship gang jumping away...
         And someone always thinks they can do it!!! It never fails! One of our neighbors, Bro. Smith, decided he could blow up a balloon just like Morgan. (Morgan does make it look easy!).... a few hundred lost brain cells later, he gave up....
   Some of the boys hanging out talking about none other than colonoscopies!!! Seriously boys, your 12, you don't have to worry about that for a while. Logan in the wheelchair just broke his femur. Ouch!
                                       More hanging out in the pirate ship....

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

What a party! Once again I will say that is an amazing neighborhood you have moved into and what a lovely house you have. We will see it soon.
Mom and Dad Johnson