Monday, October 25, 2010

"How did you do that?!!" And other Magic Pumpkin inquiries....

It's that time of year again....Magic Pumpkin time!!! We have had our tradition of Halloween festivities such as Magic Pumpkins and Sucker Ghosts for as long as the kids can remember. These traditions have been handed down from Morgan's family and we enjoy indulging in them each year.
We love to invite different people over each year as we host our traditions and this year was no different. For FHE tonight we had our Magic Pumpkin celebration and invited over one of our neighbor families. It was extra fun because they are hosting a girl "Sara" (her real name is WAY more complicated than that!) from Thialand who had NEVER stuck her hand in a pumpkin before!!!

 She wasn't quite sure about all the goo and slime, but she thought the "magic" part was pretty fun...
 I love the expression on Bro. Smith's face as he too tries to figure out what on earth was going on. For the record, he is the first adult to figure out the "magic" all by himself..... way to go!!!!!!

So we tried to "switch it up a bit" and Morgan took some pictures and I helped gut the pumpkins for a bit. Lots of fun!!!

Here is a picture of Cassidy's pile of loot!! Yumm!!! I am not a fan of the gooey, pumpkin coated candy, but the kids seem to LOVE it!! ewwwww

p.s. this year we heard many neat suggestions such as, "Mom, I figured it out! You order the pumpkins on the Internet!" (Lund). The adorable neighbor boy thought that I slowly put the candy and money into the pumpkin one by one, and then the small hole I used healed up in time for the "magic".  And I even heard the best one yet...from an adult, no less. She said, "you probably use a syringe and put some sort of chemical into the pumpkin that later turns into candy." I told her that the dimes would be interesting and that we might get arrested for "making money".... tons of fun responses this year!!!


Jeremy and Ruth said...

HHAHAHAHAHA I want that magic money and candy making chemical! :) LOVE IT LOVE IT!!! I LOVE MAGIC PUMPKIN!!!!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

long live fooling all the friends and the money making chemicals.