Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cuts for the Cure!

Alicia (Morgan's oldest sister), opened up her own salon this week and it is BEAUTIFUL!!!! She is renting a salon room at a huge salon and it is such a great set up for her and her friend Laurie. The name of the salon is LaCia and it is located on Higley and Ray behind the Fresh and Easy at Vintage Salon Studios. Get your haircut there sometime, it is well worth your time!
On Saturday, Alicia and Laurie had a "Cuts for the Cure" event. All haircuts cost 10.00 and all the proceeds went to Breast Cancer. It was a great event, and the Johnson's contributed four heads of hair that needed cutting....
Will was sooo good for Alicia, and he is usually HORRIBLE during my haircuts. I think I just need to take him to Alicia from now on.
Lund opted for the spiky do... or better known as "a flat top" back in the 80's. Morgan was very jealous because his hair would never do this as a child. Poor Morgan!!!
Sarah got another A-line bob. She looks soooo adorable with her hair short....Just look at those huge brown eyes!! Not fair!!
And here is everyone after the haircuts were finished. Thank you Alicia and Laurie!
Such goof balls!!!

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Jeremy and Ruth said...

WONDERFUL!!! I wish i was there!! but thats okay becuase soon you guys will be here hopefully!! :) Hey, i think i am in one of those pics... well on the phone at least!!