Friday, August 6, 2010

To Goo.... or not to goo! And my day in schedule form

Do you remember the Ghostbusters and their "ectoplasm goo" they used to have in the movie? Well, this was JUST like that! The kids' cousin Raychelle Shumway got them started on this "goo" you can get at the Greenbacks dollar store. The only problem is, by the time we got to the dollar store they didn't have any more. This week however, after my chiropractor visit (thanks Jeff), we went into the dollar store next door and wahhhlllllaaaaa! We found two bottles of the goo left. My kids had tons of fun playing with it, and I hope they enjoyed it, because we have pretty much "banned" the goo now. Why..... Some got in their bed sheets????, Some got in the carpet?? Some got on the wall????.... and many more places I am sure I will find later. But we did have a ton of fun as a family before we discovered what a mess it was....
Lund posed this picture of it crawling down the wall like the Blob!!!
And here's a bravery test for you: Would you let your sister pour goo all over your face????? And look how relaxed he looks! Hands behind the head, waiting for the fun to begin!
Sarah was brave enough to let her daddy pour it on her face! When they tried to do it to me, I freaked out because it felt like I was drowning.... The kids are definitely braver than I!
Oh man, Will was brave. He had this done to him repeatedly.
Lund was wayyyyyy tooo excited about pouring out the goo!!
Sometimes I like to put my day in schedule form for fun. Someday I will look back on this and wonder.....what was I thinkin'???
8ish: Wake up... Yeah, I know, I am spoiled! And the half of the sleeping pill I take before bed really wipes me out!
8-10:30am----kids are eating breakfast, doing homework, taking showers and getting ready for school. I am hustling them along, making breakfast, packing lunches and washing the youngens hair in the tub. I am periodically praying with them, giving Will a sticker for going potty in the tub (five stickers is a Hot Wheel in your hand baby!), turning TVs off and doing laundry. Listening to Sarah read to me for her homework, and finding shoes.

10:40 we head out the door.... The kids want to listen to Radio Disney or their book on tape they are on now, (Far World). Instead I make them tell me one thing they are excited about and one thing they are scared/nervous about for the day. I do this everyday and I am starting to really get a feel for what makes my kids nervous/excited. Sadly it is usually about clothing and what people think about them (already?!).
11:20-12:00--Will and I hit the Sam's Club. We had no previous knowledge that it happens to be "Open House" day at Sam's Club. The mayor was there and they served cake and everything but the prices were still the same...hummm. And when the ATM wasn't working I told the nearest worker that the Mayor probably broke it and then Will sat on his cake in the cart. Oh well... On the bright side, Will was really gassy for some reason but he was polite enough to reach over and plug my nose before he tooted (repeatedly). What a polite boy!! he he And he LOVED the "tornadoes" in the bathroom that dry your hands. (You all know which ones I am talking about, made by Dyson and turbo speedy).
Lunch is a toasted provolone and ham sandwich for me and a churro for Will at Sam's club.
12:00-1:00 pm Will and I drive around Mesa and Gilbert looking for a fax machine to fax an appeal about some of my health coverages to UHC. I have learned that cancer is VERY expensive, but if you look over your bills and even fight a few "unfair" decisions, you might actually be able to send your kids to college someday.
1:00pm--- I finally text my friend Jenny O'Brien who is about to watch Will at 1:30pm and ask her if she has a fax machine.... yup! I should have gone that route first.
1:30pm---- I leave Will with the O'Brien clan and head over to Edu-Prize.
2:00-4:00--- Every Friday from 2-4pm, I am a volunteer in Cassidy and Lund's 5th/6th grade class. It is fun to see what they do and I learn that I am very rusty on my 5th grade math. I also ask to talk to the kids about cancer for five minutes. The teacher is ecstatic and says that they will be learning "life skills". I am very open about cancer since I found out just recently that my 10-year-old thought all this time that it is a "parasite" and some kids think it is "contagious". The kids were very receptive and it was fun. I even write the word "chemotherapy" on the board and see who can pronounce it. I ask them if they know why I lost my hair and they are great about it. I feel like I am really getting to them and once it is "out in the open" kids are amazing sponges!! I feel it is a success and so I ask if there are any questions or comments. The last one cracks me up, "My dad had a bulging disk in his back and had surgery, so basically that is the same as cancer." hummmm
4:00pm-- Pack all the kids into the "bus". We have two extra kids today because Cassidy and Sarah have friends from school coming over for a "late night".
4:30pm-- Pick up adorable Zack from day care. Jenny loaned him to me for the night while they go to a Diamondbacks game. Add him to the fun in the 'bus".
4:45pm-- Stop by Water N Ice and buy huge cups of water for everyone. It was 115 degrees today and we were feeling it! Pick up Will at Jenny's house and through him into the mix.
5:15pm-- Walk into apartment with 7 kids. Morgan has beat me there with 3 pizza's and a smile! Feed and pray or pray and feed, it all seems muddled to me now.
5:30pm--Take 6 out of 7 kids to the pool. Morgan and little Zack opt to stay and watch "shark week".
7:00pm-- Hop back into the bus and take 5 kids to "Marmaduke" at the 2.00 theater. I learn that skinny girls can eat A LOT of popcorn!! Yea for refillable tubs!
8:30pm-- Give two happy girls back to their parents (the friends), and come home to find Morgan holding Zack and watching Shark Week and Will asleep (hoooooorrraaaayyyyy)
9:30pm--- Lay Zack in our bed and tickle his head until he falls asleep. Morgan comes onto the bed and asks when I am going to tickle his head. (and he gives me puppy dog eyes, so I give in)
10:45pm-- After everyone is "asleep" I am having "mom time" on the computer. I hear a noise or two and open the door to Cassidy and Sarah's room. Cassidy has a song in front of her that she just written and she is "directing" Sarah on singing it and giving her "constructive criticism".
11:34pm--I am still typing.... why am I still typing???? I need to read my scriptures and hit the hay!



Krista said...

we were shocked at how much it cost to have Crew in the NICU for 9 days. I'm sure cancer is way more. Sorry you have to deal with that. After we struggled to fina lly pay it all off a year later we got another bill in the mail for $1700. We of course looked into it to make sure it was legit and they said that legally they can bill you up to 7 years later. Sorry to be downer. Insurance is good to have but it depends on the what the company chooses. We had amazing insurance when we had Conor and we only paid $20. total to have him.

runningfan said...

You do have a great life!

When will your house be done?

Bonnie Hynes said...

What a gal you are. I am counting down the days until you guys come in October!

Farr Family said...

Your kids are sooo much fun!!! I don't think I could lay there and let that stuff get on me. I have to say- I was tired just reading about your day! I don't know how you do it all! You are my hero and I hope to be more like you! Love ya lots!!