Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Phoenix Zoo after dark = one HOT evening of fun!

Last night the family headed over to the Phoenix Zoo to go to the Prowl and Play after dark. It was lots of fun..... but it sure was a scorcher!!! Even though it was held from 6:30pm-9:30pm, it was still 110 degrees when we got there and 105 when we left!! Whose idea was this ANYWAY??!! Oh, yea, it was mine! My lucky family was easy bait due to one main factor....... RADIO DISNEY WAS GOING TO BE THERE!!!!! They are BIG Radio Disney fans and they were hoping that maybe Justin Beber would be there as a surprise or something...... oh darn, we must have missed him!! A tear!
It was an awesome evening of fun.... but we gave up early due to heat and losing children.......often! And we ended up at a Water N' Ice, downing 44oz of water or more apiece. (And yes, for all of you wondering, we had 3 water bottles at the zoo in my backpack as well.)
Just hanging out before we started walking and getting REALLY hot!
And, of course, when Radio Disney wanted some parent volunteers from the audience to try to win a prize, I took one for the team!! Don't I look excited.... I totally was..... until they told me what I had to do....
It was a Dance competition!! I CANNOT dance!!! But I can ham it up in the name of the children.... so I went with that....
See, you can tell I am a Johnson from this picture..... I must be related to that one guy who loves drama and directs pageants!!!
But it all paid off when I won an awesome shirt and lanyard!! The kids now fight over who gets to wear it as a "night shirt" each night!!
The kids each won a few prizes as well.... Will was excited for his Toy Story 3 stickers...
I was REALLY surprised at who got into the dancing the most......Lund!! Man, that kid can groove!!
The kids sure were super excited about their favorite station!! Sarah is here picking up her prize from the DJ.
............But the person who was the MOST excited about their prize.............Cassidy!!!! She is OBSESSED with Camp Rock 2 and her notebook prize was and still is a prized possession. She takes it EVERYWHERE!!
..............see, she still has it here......................
The kids did love the elephants, and I have to admit... They were super cute!! Morgan enjoyed telling the kids all about the time that he was fortunate enough to actually ride an elephant at the Thatcher carnival event when he was about Will's age. Fun family history! one can resist an opportunity to stick their heads through a hole in a one!
............this picture reminds me of Stephen Kings, The Shining!! "Here's Johnny!"
......................guess who still had her notebook???!!!
Here is Will discovering the difference in size between his hand and the hand of a gorilla
We went inside a monkey enclosure and the kids thought they were soooo adorable!!
.........................yea, they are pretty cute monkeys!!
After that, we couldn't stand the heat any longer!! We headed to the nearest splash pad at the zoo..... Will looks like an animal, but at least he is finally cool!
They also LOVED the kids drumming area!!!
......And as we left the Zoo, they handed out some Gecko fans. Have you seen my children????


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I know now what to get Will for a present... a large and loud drum set. All the family will "enjoy?" it I am sure.
What a blast at the Zoo and Disney Radio rules. You guys are a Celestial Family and I am so glad to be able to tag along via Blogs and phone calls. KEEP UP THE WHOLESOME RECREATIONAL ACTIVITIES.

Bonnie Hynes said...

You guys are CRAZY! I know it had to be crowded as well as are amazing. See you soon! (2 months totally counts as soon!)