Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I throw my hands up in despair after trying to teach my son....

Here is Will trying to "teach me" about my ABC's. He claimed that he HAD to wear the headband across his forehead!

*Last year I taught preschool out of my house. I loved teaching and I especially loved the kids! The problem was..... Will was my WORST student! And I am not trying to be prejudice or anything, he truly was horrible. He would climb on the table, throw things, hide under the table, etc. He ended up spending most of the preschool days in his room in "Time Out" while I attempted to teach the other "teachable" children. After I was diagnosed with cancer, he started going to preschool at Copper Kids and he was AMAZING! He would listen, do his work, and pretty much be awesome all the time! Could this be the same child I taught a mere weeks before??? As it turns out, I have met many people that have told me that when they teach or coach, etc., their kids will be the worst and they will act up constantly. So, I guess I am not the only one who has gone through this phenonomen.

*Fast forward to this year. I have priced many preschools around the Gilbert area, ones out of homes, and ones out of schools. And they are all soooooo stinkin' expensive!!!! I guess Bagdad really did spoil me and I just need to buckle down and pay for one. But in the meantime, I have been trying to teach him a little bit at home.
And here are the results........You be the judge!!!

The following are direct quotes from Will as I tried to teach him the ABCs yesterday.
------ "You win the ballyball of DEATH!!!"
--------" You hold this hook (hands me a hanger), and I will tell you when to say ABD!"
---------"Walk like A knee pad!"
----------After squishing some letter flashcards together, "This looks like a B sandwich!"
---------- "Mom, you talk like a dirty bird!"
--------- and last but not least, "Mom, I wish you could get your BLAST on!!! But you can't cause you don't have too many energy yet!

So, it is pretty evident if he is EVER going to succeed in Kindergarten next year I better just suck it up and pay someone else to teach him his ABD's.


Jeremy and Ruth said...

He may be rowdy but he sure is CUTE!!!

p.s. Pretty impressed you won ballyball of DEATH!! I wouldnt want to know what it would mean to LOse!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I think anything I would say, you already know. And I don't know what to say -- so see how much you must know !!

Breaking a relationship centered habit is very hard. Outside preschool is probably the best. On the other hand --- Some of our kids went to a co-op preschool. So you don't have them all the time.

Bonnie Hynes said...

awe, you just have to laugh! We are trying to sign Elliott up for preschool way I'm trying to teach him! At least you tried! Love your family.
PS, it will be tight for you guys, but OF COURSE you can stay at our place! I'm sure Larry and Yoon would love to have you too! I may have to fight them for you!