Saturday, July 31, 2010

Date with Daddy!

On Friday, Morgan took Sarah out on a "Daddy-Daughter Date Night" and they had an amazing time!!! Sarah picked "On the Border" for dinner. (I am pretty sure Morgan nudged her in this direction since he loves that place). There was even a "balloon lady" at the restaurant and Sarah opted for an adorable Unicorn. She was sooo excited!! Then Morgan took her over to the mall and they walked the mall and stopped by a pet store to see the animals. It was really a very Sarah-minded date! They had plenty of time to chat all about life and get to know each other better and Sarah was EXTREMELY happy to have her daddy all to herself!!!!!
Gotta love those amazing daddies!!!
......And Sarah wanted to make sure there was a picture of her unicorn included!


runningfan said...

I used to be a balloon lady...I love the unicorn!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

SO cute!! I'm sure Jeremy wishes he could have daddy daughter dates, but for now he wil have to settle for Father son outings! :)Morgan is a pretty great guy! I'm lucky he's my brother!!! And i'm lucky he has great kids, and i'm lucky he married such an amazing woman! :)

Bonnie Hynes said...

I love the daddy-daughter date! I am certainly telling mikey about that one! Tell Sarah I love her unicorn...very cute.