Monday, June 14, 2010

A day in the life of ...... me!

I stole this idea from a friend's blog, but I really liked the idea... so, thanks Heidi!

6:00am (ish)--Morgan kisses me good-bye and heads out the door for work. I roll back over and go back to sleep.
9:00am--- I finally drag myself out of bed. I can hear the TV on in all three rooms that have TV's and kids are talking/arguing. I have such a hard time getting out of bed because the radiation makes me feel soooo tired and groggy.
9:20am-- after throwing down some instant oatmeal and strapping on my ipod, I run out the door for a morning jog. Since we are in an appartment complex until the end off the week, I just run around the perimeter of the complex. Cassidy is in charge while I am gone. I try really hard to not sleep while I am jogging. How can I be tired, I just woke up??? My jog is more of a slow turtle shuffle (someday I will run again)
10:00am--- shower and then the kids remind me that we are out of milk. Sorry kids, we are having frozen waffles and eggs instead. Cassidy says that she will make eggs if she doesn't have to eat them. Hummmm. She ends up making a mean omlet, which all the kids love. She has to end up making another one. Maybe being a chef is in her future. She tells me that she could just make omlets and take them to my bed. Gosh, I didn't think I was in bed THAT much!! he he
11:15am-- I try to finish putting on their clothes with the kids still glued to the TV. I brush their hair as they run out the door. I call them back to help carry some of the stuff... a few of them shuffle back.
11:25am-- Go to Hobby Lobby to pick up an item that we need for making Father's Day gifts. (I would tell you what they are, but my hubby might find out and my father's as well.) I tell the kids before we go in that we are only going to get one item. They still pull things off of shelves and beg and cry for things. I run into another mom having the same problem. I ask her if she wants to trade. She tells me that sometimes she tries to sell hers on Craig's List....hummmmm. It just so happens that we went to the Hobby Lobby that just opened TODAY so it was insanely busy!
11:45am-- put gas in the van and tell the kids if they don't fight while I put gas in the car I will let them have the rootbeer barrels I have purchased for them to suck on. I pay for the gas and throw down a muffin because I am pretty sure lunch isn't in the stars today.
12:25pm-- Bring them to the Brock's house. They have a play date/ babysitting appointment there while I run over to my radiation appointment. Thank you Sister Brock, your a lifesaver.
12:45pm--- Arrive early at Radiation appointment. I can't believe I am running early! I double knot the ribbons on my flip flops I made this morning while I wait. The guy next to me has a lighter so I use it to fray check the ends of the ribbons. I try not to start any fires. I am successful! And now I have some sweet homemade flip flops to boot!
1:10pm-- the ceiling says, "Ms. Johnson, you can come on back"....oooooo goody!! I do a front tuck double layout because I am so excited. (O.K. I made that last part up, gymnastics doesn't suit me.)
1:15pm-- I lay with my chest bare looking at the radiation machine. I am not allowed to move a muscle while I get my treatments, so of course, my nose always itches. I tell the radiation tech that I had a hard time staying awake while running this morning. He says, "It's gonna get worse, but you won't listen to your body, I know." I ask him how he knows so much, "Because your a mom" he responds. Good answer!
1:25pm-- I go to change back into my clothes and when I open the door, an elderly lady squaks. She forgot to lock the door and I walked in on her changing. I feel like a horrible person and apolygize profusely. She just grabs her clothes and runs away from me.
1:40pm--I stop by a school I want to get my kids in and talk to the only lady in the office. It turns out she was my teacher in grade school for my ELP class. (I used to think they just left off the H when they spelled ELP, but alas, it is actually a gifted program....) She actually remembers me, or at least claims to.
1:50pm--- I make it back to the Brock's house and the kids are in the pool with Sis. Brock on guard duty. I am not allowed to get in the sunshine for very long at all, so I put my swimsuit on and take a one minute dip in the pool and then jump under the umbrella. At least this way I won't sweat so much.
2:45pm--- we bring the kids in from swimming and make Father's Day gifts........ fun times. Sarah and her friend Jenna are trying to nurse a baby bird back to health. He ends up "taking the eternal nap" by the time we leave. There is also a horny toad in a box on the counter. Sarah feels right at home there. So many things to love!
5pm--- I finally pull the kids away from their friends and make them drag all the stuff to the van. They fight the whole drive back to the apartment. They have been doing this a lot lately. Too much "new" in their life I suppose.
5:30pm-- we arrive home and daddy is already there. We rehead leftovers for dinner.
6pm-- I lay down for a second.......but then it is time to go to FHE
6:30pm-- we stop by Walmart on the way to my sister's house. I grab the stuff I need to bring for FHE.
7:00pm--We have FHE at my younger sisters house. It is her family, our family and my parents and brother. He is leaving for BYU on Wednesday so it was a last hoorah! I put together the games from "Minute to Win It" tweaked by my own brain and a few ideas I found on the internet and we have tons of fun. (I will include pictures of this event later since my dad was the photographer)
9:00pm---We finally get the kids in the van and drive home. The kids fight the whole way again.
9:30pm-- We have family prayer, Will wets his pants and Sarah needs her medicine before bed. I always bribe her with a gummy worm; Cassidy and Lund wanted some medicine tonight and when I asked them if they were crazy, they said they actually just wanted a gummy worm.
9:45pm-- I throw a load of laundry in. All the kids are supposed to be sleeping. Will is playing with Legos in his bed. Lund is wrapped up in his special blanket telling me how bad his day was. Sarah is drawing pictures in her journal while sitting on her bed. And Cassidy is writing in her journal while sitting on her bed. She tells me, " I just wrote that Justin Beiber is going to be coming to Phoenix.....EEK!!" I laugh and reply, "Maybe your dad will slick back his hair and put ear plugs in and take you to that concert!"
11:00pm--I am still on the computer writing this blog... why am I not sleeping yet, I am exhausted!
Good Night!!

p.s. Tonight I found a note that Lund left on the outside screen in chalk. It reads, "I hate the Valley!" Where am I going wrong???? I promise I am trying really hard.....


runningfan said...

What a crazy day in your life! You're not doing anything wrong. :)

annebabe said...

I'm tired just reading about your day! I can't believe you have so much energy to actually attempt running. I, who am not currently undergoing radiation for breast cancer, always choose sleep over exercise. Every morning. You are super mom!!!!

ps- not that I'm glad your kids fight, but well, as a fellow mother in the trenches, I'm grateful that I'm not alone. :)

Wilson Winners said...

Wow that was super fun to read. Your day is crazy. You are such a strong lady!

bek said...

i love you. skip the run. snuggle lundy. :( you're doing such a good job under some of the worst circumstances. i miss all of you!

Jeremy and Ruth said...

Your such a strength to me Christa! thanks for being an example of a strong person. To quoate a talk from list last general conference "there hearts were broken but their spirits were strong!" Love you!

Bonnie Hynes said...

Love you! I think the fighting thing is just an annual allergies. We are getting it here in Idaho too! Keep jogging, you are amazing! Your kids are amazing too; I especially love their bedtime activities...the not falling asleep is the best part.

Farr Family said...

I'm exhausted just reading about your day! How do you do it all and how do you get it all in!!? You are my Hero!! We love ya and pray for ya!! You are amazing! Keep doing awesome! Kimberly