Saturday, June 19, 2010

And the winner is.....

Wow, you guys are all very good at guessing our eyes. Our kids did a lot worse than you did. But lo, and behold, the big mistake made by some was mixing up Sarah and Cassidy. Although they both have brown eyes, only Sarah can open her eyes that wide... that is where she gets the doe-eyed look!
Anyways, three people got it right but, Ruth Crozier got it right first. That's right, Crazy Ruth is the winner!!! I might actually be nice enough to send cookies to the other two winners as well once we get into our house and I get my pans back. The other two were Annie Morris and Krista McDowell. Way to go ladies!! That was tons of fun. And you should have all known my eyes by the fact that I have very few eyelashes left after chemo, ahhhh the joys!! Maybe I will get eyelash extensions! Just Kiddin' (That is a real thing though, I saw a sign for it the other day... crazy!!!)

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Anonymous said...

There is a pretty pricey product out there called RevitaLash and it was created by a dermatologist who's wife went through chemo and wanted her eyelashes back. I know I sound like an infomercial but the stuff is really fabulous. I just never really had many eyelashes so Linwood got it for me for Christmas and its really great. Apparently its similar to Latisse but its over-the-counter. I wonder if they sell it in bulk and you can dip your whole head in it. Well, not your whole head...!