Wednesday, May 5, 2010

On the 'roids again!

Here I am getting out of the chair for the last time!! I wasn't feeling too great at this point.
And here is the bell I have waited so long to ring!

And here I go....... Oh, and the nice blue compression sleeve I have to wear is for my lymphadema because they removed all my lymphnodes from my left arm. I told Will I have to wear it because I am a superhero, and do you know what??? He believed me!!!

1:00 am update: I want to go to bed. My brain is tired, and I have had a really, really long day and yet I sit here typing. Steriods are still running amuck throughout my body so sleep seems to elude me. Instead, I sit here on the couch watching TV and eating quite frequently, becuase steroids make you VERY hungry!!

Today was my very, very last chemo session!!! When I finished I got to ring a tiny copper bell and they did a standing ovation for me and I even got a certificate for clompleting the poision section of my life!
As we drove home I started to cry... I am not quite sure why I started to cry, I actually don't cry very often. It was a mixture of happiness and a bit of sadness mixed it... this is all I have known for the last six months of my life! I have just been constantly fighting for my life, to live longer, to get through the next chemo session and then the next. To have people come into my house and serve me lovingly. This is all I have known for a long while. And now, it is over....for now! I still have an appointment with my oncologist in three weeks, and there will be PET scans to make sure the chemo did it's job. And then there will be radiation and a slow return to my normal health and well being. But, really, it is over!! And I am very, very happy it is!!! I have learned sooooo much about unconditional love through Morgan and many close family members and friends! I think the Lord wants us to always love each other like this, even when there isn't a death sentence on the line. I think I need to try that more often! I truly, truly, truly love you all!!


runningfan said...

Congratulations on this amazing milestone! I am thrilled for you! What a fighter.

Farr Family said...

You are my hero!!!!!!!

The Davenports said...

I am just SO thrilled for you! So exciting! And I LOVE your new house! And the fact that your kids think having stairs makes you rich....hehe.

Dana and Tiff said...

I LOVED seeing you yesterday!! I am sad that I was running late and coudln't take a minute to get out and hug you...but then again...if I had been early, I wouldn't have seen you because I would have already been there when you came I guess it was all good!! I am so excited that it is over!! We should have a party or "End of Chemo" party!!! Love ya!!

Sara said...

You look amazing Christa! You are always so upbeat. I can't wait to get together soon. I love you too

Happy said...

Christa and Morgan and little persons:
Your are so amazing. I have turned several cancer patients from my lab on to your blog. They come in and talk to me and they tell me that they are so glad that I am there in my lab and make their day, but then when they get on your site, they just seem to think that we are related. I tell them that we are because we are brothers and sisters in the gospel of Jesus Christ and no matter where we go, we will have those folks around us all the time. Thanks for being there for my patients and making their days a bit brighter.

We love you and hope to see you all in the future.


Mark and Questa

By the way, who is Morgan working for in the valley?

Grandma LeSueur said...

Congratulations!! That is one BIG mountain to conquer! I love your pink pedicure celebration!! Very
perfect. You are in my thoughts all the time.

Heather said...

What an inspiration you truly are. I am happy that you were able to celebrate your big milestone and way to go Morgan for not letting you "cheap" your way out. You are totally worth the money spent. Your story (so far) has helped me realize that I need to love more deeply. And tell people that I love them, not just assume they know. Thank you for sharing your story.

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Some how I thought that the bell would be the size of the Liberty Bell or bigger. No matter. You are finished with chemo and we are so happy for our "super hero" daughter.
Mom and Dad

Juliet said...

Christa, you are an amazingly beautiful and strong being. I am so happy I could share these last few days with you and Morgan, Cassidy, Lund, Sarah and Will. I feel so lucky and full of love for all of you! Happy healing :)


Shelly said...

YAY!!! I am so happy that you can now close that chapter of your life and move on to better things like feeling better and getting that hair back =) Im so happy for you and for your new house (which is so cute btw)and I hope you feel better soon!! YAY for no more poison!!!