Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Noise Guy and Night Swimming

Where has time gone??? We moved to the Valley a week and a half ago and it has just flown by! We have been very busy swimming once or twice a day, going to doctors appointments with my radiologist and trying to find relatively cheap things for the kids to do around these parts.
I was thoroughly bummed when my camera ran out of batteries this week and the special charger I have for it is packed away..... ahhh man!!! So I have missed quite a few photo opportunities!!! Words will have to suffice for some events.. but before it died, I did get a few pictures taken...

Something we enjoy here at the apartment complex we are in is the "Night swimming" we do most of the time. Starting this Tuesday, I will have to stay out of the sun because of radiation treatments, so night swimming will have to be when we do all our swimming.
Last summer I couldn't get Will to let go of me in the water. This year, he is much more confident with his life jacket on.

The other night when we went night swimming we brought a bunch of glow sticks, like the one Cassidy is wearing as a necklace. It was so fun to see them glowing in the water. Here you see the kids getting ready to jump for a ball that Morgan was throwing to them.
We have also joined the library summer reading program. The kids are reading left and right to try to earn prizes. Lund always checks out books about birds, he is truly fascinated by them.
Will really likes the prizes much better than the books, but he does like the older kids practicing their reading on him.
He is kind of a hard one to keep reigned in at the library. Sarah, on the other hand, would love to sit there and read for hours.
Like I just mentioned, Sarah has been reading like a maniac! I am soooo proud of her reading skills and sooo impressed that she can even read the scriptures at night with the family. She is amazing!! And her Kindergarten teacher needs some thanks for this milestone as well. Thanks Ms. Jones!!
We also went to the library to see "The Noise Guy". It was the greatest performance ever!!! This guy, who looks so unassuming, can make a million different noises with his mouth and he had the kids very, very entertained. From the youngest babies in the room, all the way up to the moms. So, of course, as we were leaving I bought his CDs and book and we have thoroughly enjoyed them.
Here is Will trying out a few noises of his own!
Here are all four kids intently listening!


Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

I had forgotten the joy of summer reading programs for me, when I was young, and for my kids. That is a plus of living in town and near a big library. Also, night swimming is fun, too. We did a lot of it when we were in Palm Desert. Leave it to you guys to find the fun stuff.
Love to you all,
Grama Karen

Bonnie Hynes said...

looks like tonz of fun...I'm especially jealous of the night times.