Sunday, February 14, 2010

Family pictures, desert style!

Before giving Auntie Bonnie back to the Boise folk, we decided that we needed to take some family pictures in the desert. Bonnie was the willing photographer and the kids were kind of willing too because they had a chance to climb on big rocks in the process. The place we went is just a few miles from our house... so now you realize that we really DO live in the middle of the desert!
Here is a cameo of our newly turned 11-year-old and her new guitar. Doesn't she actually even look like she knows what she is doing??? Trick photography!! he he.. Cassidy's theory in her own words is, "I don't need to learn how to play the guitar! I just play the guitar and my voice follows!"
Here we have our willing Auntie who came and helped for a whole week with the gang!! We love you Bonnie!!

Here are my children hidden amongst the rocks

Here are the proud Johnson women!!
And our handsome menfolk!

I threw this one in as well because we are all happily posed for the picture... meanwhile, Will is about to strangle somebody!!!

Gotta love those red rocks in the background.


runningfan said...

Beautiful photos!

The Davenports said...


Jeremy and Ruth said...

you look soo warm! I"M SO JEALOUS!! i may need to take a visit up soon! :)