Thursday, February 18, 2010

Come take a virtual ride through my day....

How would you like to get in the drivers seat of my life???? I thought I would take you for a little ride today... a test drive!!
here are my two oldest before school. I wanted you to see their different styles. Cassidy tries all sorts of funky things with her clothes and Lund is my classic-style kiddo! Both are great styles and both are great kids!! Also, these days they are the same height!!!

I had to take Will and Sarah in to Prescott today because Will had his 4-year-old check-up and shots. We had to make 4 pee stops on the way for Sarah and one throw-up stop for Will. This isn't the outfit he started out it, and after making a mess of his shirt, I ran into the Skull Valley store and said, "Do you have any great children's suvenuer shirts here?" So now Will owns a great new shirt! This picture is taken right after Will got his shots in the doctors office. The doctor knows all about my cancer and I think he felt bad for me. He gave Will a baseball. Not sure where the correlation is there, but it was really sweet of him. He is also holding his dollar earned for getting his shots.

After taking Will to the doctor, we rushed over to Costco and Target. I stuffed a Costoc hot dog in my mouth (I know hot dogs are not on my "approved cancer food" list, but whatcha gonna do), and we rushed over to Hillside (45 minutes from Prescott) to make it in time for the Science Fair. We only had to stop 3 times for pee breaks.

Here is Lund giving his presentation on gum. neat project about whether or not spicy gum raises the temperature of your mouth and minty cools it down. Verdict: minty gum actually raises the temp in your mouth.

Cassidy gives her presentation about whether or not kids that play video games have better reflexes. Intersting stuff. Verdict: kids that play video games for two or more hours a day actually do have better reflexes (and no brain).

I am exhausted and have a headache so I lie down for a minute. this is a picture of Will showing me how easy it is to get your head off the pillow!!! He!he! Not so easy when your exhausted...

See how easy it was.... (this was his wonderful point to his mom)

6:30pm (oh by the way, we had cold cereal for dinner)
This is the point where will figures out that his dollar store toy spins really fast and cuts his chin, and my chin all in one fail swoop.

I retire my wig to it's stand. We call this the "Joker" manaquin. Can you guess why??? i "wore hair" into Prescott today because I get tired of all the questions.... Good night hair!
Bishop Johnson is at the church doing his yearly Stake Audit. he called me to tell me that he now knows what "eternity" means!!! he he


runningfan said...

I didn't realize your husband was the bishop! Wow. What a day!

The Davenports said...

We were in Prescott for the kids doctor appointments today too!