Thursday, January 28, 2010

Put me in the game coach..... I'm ready to play!!!!

Hip Hip Hurray!!! My Internet is up and running faster than ever, so I am back in the game everybody!!! I couldn't be happier, and to celebrate, I want to share a lot of pictures that I have been saving for this exact moment...
Last Friday, I was coming out of my "chemo coma" and our family decided to take a spontaneous and glorious trip to Prescott. We stayed at our favorite "Elephant Hotel" (it has a huge elephant in the pool that sprays water, thus was dubbed the "elephant hotel"). We swam at the hotel (I watched from a chair with camera in hand cuz I am banned from the pool because of my port) and enjoyed the Disney Channel from our room. The next day we woke up and played all day around town in the glorious, new, powdery snow. Then we slowly drove back to Bagdad relishing in each other's company. It was simply FABULOUS!! I think we all need a little bit more spontaneity in our lives!! I love you all and have missed you so much over my short sabbatical, so sit back and enjoy our vacation and pretend that you were right there with us, getting a snowball in the face occasionally!!
Sarah makes her first snow angel...
So, here is my silly husband... He stuck his face straight in the fresh snow....
And here is his snowy impression!

Will and I trying to make a snowman.....
humm.... interesting... I am definitely not a pro! Someone (I am assuming Morgan, cuz everyone else is in the picture).. threw a snowball at my head ..
Will and I were sharing a happy moment ...
Watch out Lund!! Your little brother is coming after you!!
That is going to be one cold head soon!
Cassidy decides to eat some fresh, powdery snow.
Lund cleared all the snow off the slide, by sliding helpful!
Will learned how to throw snowballs for the first time. Back to Cassidy eating all the snow up.. Will decided to try to eat snow for the first time....
Sarah and her mound of snow she kept collecting.
I love the wonder in the eyes of a three-year-old!
Here is our star quarterback playing "snow football"
Lund REALLY loved the snowball fights!!
Again, with the snowball fights!
Cassidy asked to borrow one of my hats and I think she looks so beautiful!
Don't you hate it when you get a snowball in the face!!!
Ummm... Sarah, you'd better run, that is one BIG snowball!!!!!
Lund finds so much joy in little things like jumping in the snow!
I am pretty sure the camera is about to get a snowball in the face!


Bonnie Hynes said...

YAY!!! I love morgan's face impression! You look like you are enjoying the snow much more than I ever can...I will try harder from now on. Is there snow in Bagdad? how should I pack!?!? I can't wait to play with your kids, they look amazing!

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Love the pictures. We got to have all the fun without being cold or wet or getting pummeled with snow balls. Your camera is amazing! You got snow balls in mid air. Fun! Fun! Fun!
Love, Mom and Dad

runningfan said...

How fun! We are the opposite of spontaneous...but maybe we need to repent!