Sunday, January 17, 2010

It's Hoops time again!

It's basketball time again here in Bagdad!! Last year I had the opportunity to help coach the clinic with the Varsity coach, but this year I enjoy watching from the sidelines! The kids have really gotten better since last year and enjoy their weekly camps/games. I see Cassidy and Lund and Sarah getting better every Saturday and it does this "basketball-loving" mom's heart good!!

Cassidy sure loves basketball this year!

Here I am congradulating the kids after the game!
And for some reason, you get to see the picture again!
I love how Cassidy and Lund have to guard each other on opposite teams!
This is the most important part of the game---- water break!
here is Lund with some "sweet" moves! Sarah and her adorable friend Nathan, such cuties!
Sarah getting some instruction along the way!
More of Lund
here I am in the stands, staying in the action at all times!

These are definitely my kids, the buzzer goes off and my kids have their fingers in their ears! I am exactly the same way. I can't tell you how many races I lost as a child because on the starting block I would plug my ears so that I wouldn't be scared by the gunshot and then I would just wait for the other runners to start going and off I would go.
Lund is going to take a shot, and here comes Cassidy to guard him.
I love hanging out with the kids in the stands!

More of Lund dribbling down the court.
I love this picture for two reasons: The boys are really having fun, and you can also see that Lund has just shot up recently and is all legs these days!


Bonnie Hynes said...

you are blogging, I hope that means you are feeling all right after yesterday? I love the play by play pictures! What a great little town you guys live in. Have a good week!

runningfan said...

It's been a long time since Taylor Junior High basketball, but I remember being envious of you -- such an all-star athlete! I'm glad you're still involved with something you love.