Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cancer Update..also known as, Jack and I are bald!

I haven't really given a "cancer update" lately and I thought that this picture would be a good representation of my life lately... Jack and are both bald, and we both have hats on. I was thinking maybe it is time for me to buy a little yellow hat and perch it at an angle on my big bald cranium.....hummmm
Well, I have made it through my 2nd chemo session and it was soooooo much better than the 1st session, no nausea, no hallucinating, no losing 10lbs in four days..... Basically, it was like a whole different treatment plan. But to be completely honest.. it IS a totally different regimen becuase my body couldn't handle the Taxotere so they are just giving me the A and C (they have really big medicine names, but who really cares about that stuff.) This last sesson fell right before our 12th wedding anniversary, so we went to a wonderful Italian restuarant right before my chemo session and even went to a movie after my session, though I wasn't feeling great by then. I did a lot of research on the American Cancer website so when I met with my doctor before my chemo session, I was ready.... I wasn't going to get that sick again.. not with modern medicines so readily available. They gave me two new anti-nausea medicines and even though one of them costs, 20 something dollars per pill, it is VERY worth it! I did have a harder time with the achy bones this time and walked around like an 80-year-old arthritic lady for about 5 days. So the exhaustion was bad, but I will take exhaustion a million times over the sickness of last time.
Also, speaking of sickness, I am on antibiotics AGAIN because I caught a cold that turned angry. I have now been on antibiotics each session and they should just give me antibiotics when I leave the office, cause I live with 4 petri-dishes and germs get around in our family. I sit there everyday trying to santitize everything and sray Lysol on everything and rub sanitizer on my hands until they crack and bleed and then I look over at Will and he is on the floor at Walmart licking the ground..... so whatcha gonna do??? you can't live in a bubble I suppose!!
In other cancer news.. I will be meeting with a genetic counselor on the 18th right before chemo session 3. They will be doing a genetic test on me to see if I am prone to more cancer, and if I am, then they will test my sisters, mom, daughters, etc..
In other, other news, my reconstruction is coming along fine... I won't go into too much detail cause we need to keep it PG, but needless to say, I am looking more like a "woman" these days. Yipee!
That's your Cancer Update for today.......


Bonnie Hynes said...

thanks for all the info....I love a good update!!I'm OVERJOYED that this one went so well. I can't wait to see you guys, stay happy and as healthy as Walmart's floor will let you be!

The Davenports said...

Hooray for womanhood! :) Love ya, strong woman.