Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wildlife Zoo.... Our kids fit right in!!!

I was pretty proud of my "flamingo shot"... They sure are pretty... if your into pink!! I guess I am kind of stuck with "pink" for a while... so enjoy the pink flamingo!

I just wanted to write about the amazing trip we went on yesterday, complete with photo commentary!
We had a lot of appointments in Phoenix on Wednesday. I would say that we are becoming professionals at stacking them all into one day while we are there. Well, the kids had a school field trip on Thursday, so instead of rushing back late on Wednesday evening, we all went on the field trip together. We were going to have an appointment with one of my surgeons on Thursday morning to talk about lymphnodes (boring), but that fizzled, so we were off to the zoo (much more exciting than lymphnodes!)...

We went to the Wildlife Zoo and Aquarium about an hour outside of Phoenix and on our way home to Bagdad. I have never been there before and it was seriously AMAZING!! I think I had more fun than the kids did... o.k. it was probably a tie!!!

So, without further ado.. let's start the pictures...
Cassidy petting the star fish..
This is when the octopus ate Morgan's brain....
Lund thinks this is how alligators look... hum????
We got a chance to feed the sting rays and it was sooo awesome!! As you can see, it pretty much freaked me out, their mouths were so weird and they would slime you...... crazy!
I am not sure what is behind us in the cage, but at least a lot of us are in the picture together!
Sarah LOVED the petting zoo. This is a baby goat that she loved!!
Will loved all the different types of fish and sharks...
Cassidy really enjoyed petting the deer. They would just lay there and bask in the love...
I fed the deer some grass. This is the closest I have ever been to a beautiful deer. They are really calm. (unlike the goats that try to eat your clothes right off you)
This is the "flume ride" that the kids went on. The school let them choose which ride they would like the best and both Cassidy and Lund chose this one... I was really glad they didn't choose the "sky ride" because I would have been running along the ground below them to catch them in case they fell off.. (I am a bit of a "nervous Nelly" when it comes to heights)
Lund and his buddy Dax...
The Girl Boat
o.k. this was also a new experience for me and my kiddos. I have never come this close to a giraffee in my life, let alone fed one... Their tongues are sooooo long and soooo gooey!!! Gross!! But they are AMAZING animals!

Look at that tongue!!! EWWWWW!!!

Cassidy really loved this white tiger and she said it was posing for her..

Sarah and the Zebras (I don't think she was supposed to be up on the wall, but she just kept trying to get in with the animals becuase she loves them soooo much)

And here are some crazy animals we saw at the zoo... What a weird breed!!

More wildlife!!!


nickndest said...

How fun! I think the giraffee part is the best! Sarah looks at home there.

Farr Family said...

I love the zoo and would give give anything to have one near by us. What fun for your family. I love all of the great pictures. And I love your family pictures. You are an awesome family and even more awesome example to me. I was just thinking back to our fun in jr high on the volleyball and softball teams. I love ya girl!!! You are always and will always be in our families thoughts and prayers especially this Tuesday. We will have to get together really soon!!! Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to stop in from Camp Verde and send a big hug to you . *HUG* You are being lifted so high with prayers. May you be filled with Peace and His love and strength. As well as your Dear Husband that will be holding down the fort. James has been praying for you as well and asked for prayer for you at church the other night. We love you
God Bless
Virginia Pyle

Alexis said...

my favorite animals are the Johnson animals...they looked pretty wild and fun!