Sunday, October 25, 2009

Warning: Don't use a Magic Eraser to remove your child's tattoos even if you are mad they put them on in the first place!

We learned an interesting lesson this past week...... If you are trying to remove temporary tattoos from your 6-year-olds arms and the Magic Eraser is right next to you on the counter....DO NOT USE IT!!! Even if you have to walk a few feet to get a rag!! Poor Sarah didn't notice any pain while I was rubbing off the tattoos (and her skin), so we threw her in the tub right after the removal to clean off any messy tattoo goo. That is when we discovered the truth.... I had rubbed off her skin on her arms as well as the tattoo's!!! I was MORTIFIED!!! And Sarah was a bit sad too!!! he!He!

I have done A LOT of research about this on the internet and it turns out I am not the only bad mother out there!!! I am still not sure if it is a chemical burn or a rubbing burn or a mixture of both....either way is was bad news and Sarah is now in the scabbed arms stage.

We did take the opportunity to tell Sarah that if she ever got a real tattoo, we would grab the Magic Eraser again and if she pierces her nose, we won't hesitate to rub her nose off as well!!! All right, all right, stop calling CPS, you know I am not serious..........or am I???????????


nickndest said...

Maybe she won't get any more. Yeah I've heard of some moms that had to take their kids to the ER because the magic eraser burns were so bad. It probably says it on the box, but who really reads the box.

lesley said...

Did it eventually go away?
This happened to me today and even though I scrubbed for only a few seconds, it's all red now :(