Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Birthday blessings and bliss!!!

I know this is really, really belated, but I wanted to share what a wonderful birthday I had this year. It was truly awesome!!!

My top ten birthday moments this year....

10. A leaning chocolate cupcake tower

9. Hanging out with my best buds at the park (I just love my pals)

8. Getting lots of facebook birthday wishes.

7. Getting the wonderful phone call from Idaho with singing voices.

6. Going to Prescott with Morgan (and no children). Morgan and I shopped and meandered and just plain chatted. It was so great to have some time with my best friend.

5. Eating Drumsticks with my kids

4. Getting a new baby blue mountain bike from my hubby

3. Taking my new mountain bike on a ride through the desert.

2. Getting my birthday card in the mail from my parents... they rock!! (this year for my birthday they helped me get my preschool started. That was awesome!!!)

And the #1 reason my birthday was amazing..... Morgan let me sleep in!!!! On a Wednesday!!!! (that means he called in late to work, got the kids ready for school and took them all to their various drop off spots... that's big stuff in my book!!!!)

Will and I at the park for a little birthday gathering. Notice that he has his army shovel... he loves that thing!!

Here is my tower of chocolate cupcakes made for me by Ashley Anderson.

And here are my buddies! I love these ladies! The Bagdad ward rocks, I have the best friends ever here!!

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annebabe said...

any day with sleeping in and chocolate towers involved, HAS to be wonderful!! Glad your special day was well, um . . . special. :) You deserve it!!!!!