Monday, August 31, 2009

Will's Playgroup a.k.a. "The School of Will"

Well, seeing that I only have one child at home during the school day (maybe more soon if the adoption works out). But with that said, I have only Will at home with me right now during the day and he is getting pretty bored and sick of looking at me all day. (Who could get sick of looking at me all day?!!!he!he!) Anyway, I decided to start what I am calling an "organized playgroup" twice a week. It is sort of like preschool, but not so intense or anything. There are seven kids that come over on Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30-11:30 and we learn about a certain letter and play and they even pack their own snacks or lunches and we have a picnic at the end. Will likes it because he feels old with this backpack and lunchpail and it is a lot of fun for the other kids as well. Also, when 11:30 rolls around we load all the kids up into the "Johnson bus" and make our way around town taking the kids home. The kids love it and they announce the bus stops to me. So cute!!! Last week we did the letter A and made apple prints, apple people, apple trees, ate apples and drew the letter A. Will spent a lot of time under the table instead of at his seat working and I figured he maybe internalized about 10% of the information. But when morgan came home for lunch, he recited everything he learned and my jaw dropped. You mean he actually does listen?????? This week we are onto B and ballooons, butterflies and bears.

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Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

Christa, Amazing you are and lucky is your son!(and the other kids for that matter and your hubby)
We love you.
Mom and Dad Johnson