Saturday, August 22, 2009

That's right! Your trapped! Now, just smile for the family picture!!!

So last Sunday before church, I played a mean trick on the kids.... We got ready for church and I told them that we needed to be early so we could beat another family in the bishopric that we have been racing each week. (I know it is coniving to race a family to church, but hey! If it works, it is a win-win situation! And by win-win, I mean that if we win, they have to make us cookies.... oh, and we are also on time to church! Double bonus!) Anyways, we got to the church a half hour early and we grabbed Bishop Johnson out of his meetings and snagged an innocent bystander from the parking lot (hard to find a half an hour before church starts), and we lined up in front of the church for a "family picture".... You see in our home, it is very rare, if not non-existant that we are all in one picture together and looking halfway decent! So I saw my chance and pounced on it. I also made the kids be in pictures too, because, what can I say, I am sneaky!!! We only had three family pictures taken that contain our whole family, because the guy I had taking them (an RM who came back to visit our ward), thought that when I said "take a million if you can, just keep snapping them." well, in his RM mind, it translated to "take three pictures and make sure one of them is from the ground looking up so that we all look 500lbs." you can't blame him though, he must have been in a foreign speaking mission to have translated so poorly!! (Wait, he was here in Bagdad on his mission.... hummm!) O.K. enough of me ragging on the poor missionary who was just getting some service hours in, he obviously was unaware that we have 0, count them... 0 pictures in our home of the whole family together! he!He!

Anyways, after he took his three pictures, I did the best I could pairing up different units of the family and posing them!! Enjoy!!

Cassidy who just happened to be looking up after ummmm! maybe losing her contact or something!
A few of the boys before Will started freaking out!
Well, this is it folks, but at least we are all in the same picture!
Sarah, on the other hand, loves to "pose", in fact it is hard to get a "natural" picture of her because if there is a camera nearby, she will be posing!!!
My son looking way too old..... when did he get so old???!!! Soon he will be leaving on his mission....sob!Sob!
The girls pretending to be the best of friends, and Sarah showing off that her arm can turn completely backwards....what the.....!
O.K. a little better!!

"O.K. Will, if we let you have your sippy cup in the picture, will you stay still for two seconds!!!!?????"

And again with the cup!!! Maybe they will let him take that thing on his mission!!!

O.K., now you can tell why professional photographers won't return my phone calls.... We ain't easy to photograph!!!


Team Caldwell said...

Those are good! Our last fam pict session ended with getting "what picture we hate the leaset"!!! Also- my kassidy used to have the same dress yours had! They are bff's in the making! We can send them to BYU together! weeeeee

Farr Family said...

I love your family!!! They are all getting so big! I feel old!! We love ya!

Lydia Hulse said...

Love the pics! Can I make a small, but humble request? I am hoping that you can put pictures of your upcoming playgroup on your blog. I should be able to stay and help sometimes. By the way, I love how your family picture turned out, it is beautiful!

sarabowles said...

I love them. They look like my family photos. Talk to you soon

Dana and Tiff said...

Hey never called THIS professional Photog...I would take your family pics ANYTIME!!! It would give me a legit excuse to come up!