Sunday, May 24, 2009

Scout-O-Rama otherwise known as "I will give you a donut if you eat this worm!"

On Saturday, we took eight Cub Scouts, and one Cassidy, into Prescott for the Scout-O-Rama. They had great things set up like a monkey bridge and rigatta races and lots of other neat things. The boys loved it and it was all topped off with a wild dare. One of the boys found a huge Earthworm and the Scout guy there from Prescott said, " I will give you a donut if you eat that worm!!" Well, the smart boy declined. Lund piped up, " I will do it!!" oh boy!!!! I told him that if he was decided on doing this gross thing to wait a minute while I set up the video camera. He did and we have recorded his wonderful feat. If I can ever figure out how to put a video blurb on my blog, I will include it. For now, just sufficeth to say--- It was gross!!! And it was big enough for two bites, not just one!!!!! Ultra Gross!!! But my boy did it and they should have a badge with a worm on it cause I am pretty sure he isn't the first scout to eat a worm on a dare. Nor will he be the last sadly.

He wasn't feeling great after that, probably the imagery of the whole thing and we got back in the car to go home and one of the boys said, " pass me the gummy worms please!" Arrgg, that almost put him over the edge!

I guess that is what scouting is all about.

p.s. Cassidy was one of the few that made it across the monkey bridge, she was awesome! Girl power!

Eight Cubs and one Cassidy all squished together, she is the only girl that could ever put up with these guys!

this is Lund with a worm in his hand and ready to show off his gross eating skills.. Just look at that smile on his face. I am scared for his future dares....

Here is our crazy monkey on the monkey bridge

here are the gutter races... you had to blow your paper boat across Of course, I took all the boys to the Goodwill on the way home... it was half price day, what do you expect! They had so much fun pretending to use everything in the store.


Erin said...

That is seriously disgustin.
I think you're definitely in trouble with that one...

Erin said...

PS: We're going to go private this week... head over to our blog and leave a comment w/your email so I can include you guys! :)

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

This chapter is sick sick sick. But fish eat worms and I eat fish, so I guess Lund was just skipping a step in his steak.....

Lund and RM

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

My favorite picture is the one of the boys all wild and crazy on the slide and Cassidy is posed perfectly. Amazingly she can conquer a monkey bridge and not mess up her hair.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Camp Verde!! I was looking for you somehow to ask about the badges James earned before we moved and I found you! HA couldnt hide :) I lost your email and Joe has the phone I keep forgeting to text before he leaves.
could you email me and let me know if you still have them? Also is there anyway you could email me the scout o rama pics w James in them? He is really missing scouts and the boys we have not been able to get him started in again.
Thank you so much!
God Bless