Monday, September 15, 2008

Wondering why I havven't returned your call????!!!

If your wondering why I am not answering my phone lately, it could be because
my two year old ripped my phone in half... Strong little man, huh???? He loves to play with my cell phone and open it and close it. The other day, he decided to open it, and rip the top half off. Do you think I can sell it on Ebay, for half-off????He!!! He!!!

Don't worry, I should get my new one in the mail on Tuesday or Wednesday, so in the meantime, I am here with sick kids in the dark ages.... Actually it is nice and quiet......


Jeremy and Ruth said...

hey i have a question!! i know that someone told me that you can send your blog some where and get it printed off in a book!! and since you are a fantastic blogger, i was wondering if you knew how to do it?? i cant remember who told me that, but i really would love to be able to do that! :) thanks

Grama Karen and Papa Lund said...

You are as hard on cell phones as you are on cameras and scorpions.

But what a family. If all had been, and ever were like unto the Bagdad Johnson.... etc.
See Alma 48:17