Monday, September 1, 2008

Rattlesnakes and the Flu

If you noticed, I haven't written in my blog for a little while due to a number of things. First off, my camera broke while we were camping last week so I have been REALLY bummed about that. I didn't realize how much I use and depend on my camera. But never fear, we have ordered another one and it should be here about Thursday. It is considered a "necessity" here in the Johnson household to have a worked camera, so we quickly ordered another one.

The other reason I have been on sabatical is due to the fact that I had a really bad case of the flu last week. I haven't been really sick like that in a few years, so I was really laid out for a couple of days. I even accepted help with the kids when it was offered. Usually when a mom is sick they just work right through. But not this time.... Luckily no one else has had a bad case of the said flu yet. Cassidy got a miniature version and I am hoping we have skirted around and missed the other kids. Only time will tell.

Here are some pictures I have scanned into the computer from our camping trip last weekend. It was a wonderful trip and we even got a chance to go to Slide Rock State Park for the first time in my life. We also had an insteresting/scary experience.... We camped at a campground that had bathrooms and everything (that is unusual for our family), but I insisted this time due to the fact that I hate using the outdoors as a potty. Anyhow, I am off track...... One night, we walked to the port-a-john in the dark. Morgan had left a few minutes earlier with the flashlight and some other kids. We walked and met them at the bathroom and then started walking back on the same road, but this time with the assistance of a flashlight. We were walking along and suddenly Morgan turned the flashlight a little and started to yell for Sarah to move. Right next to her was a coiled Rattlesnake preparing to strike. Morgan grabbed her shirt and yanked her back and at the same time, Will decided to charge the "pet snake". We were so blessed that no one was injured. Morgan quickly killed the snake with a rock and we now have the rattle in our truck.

Antoher sidenote: the next morning as we left the mountain, we blew a tire on the way down. Just think of the scenario: A child is bit by a rattlesnake, family tries to rush to the ER , only to have a flat tire on the way down the mountain..... Our prayers were sure answered that night...

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The Davenports said...

Oh my gosh that's crazy about the rattle snake! I'm so glad nothing happened!