Sunday, August 17, 2008

A soccer playing totrouse???!!!

O.K. here are some recent pictures of "Dot" our tortouse playing soccer and some of Will "watering her". Except, I am not sure we need her to grow any bigger, so maybe he should stop watering her.

Also, today after church I noticed that one of our heavy (about 25lb) lawn chairs was moving across the lawn. I ran to the window and saw that Dot was carrying this heavy chair on her back like it was as light as a feather and making her way across the yard. She sure is strong!!!! Brody has also been trying to get Dot to come "play" with him lately. What he does is go in front of her and bark at her to follow him and play. I am not quite sure how Dot responds, but they really seem to like each other. Also, the other day there were some noises off and on in the desert behind our house and Brody would stand over Dot, protecting in her and bark at the noises. What a sweet couple they make!!!

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