Tuesday, August 12, 2008

California Trip #3 or Visiting Grandma Frazier

We really enjoyed going to the park near grandma's house and relaxing one evening

I am giong to add some more pictures and stuff that happened while on our trip to California. We had a lot of fun staying with Grandma Frazier and we really enjoyed playing "Rumicuba" with her and laughing hysterically and trying to concentrate on the game. I was all ready for my victory dance around the house, except I never won, so I will have to keep practicing that dance for another day.... Someday, I will dance.......

Grandma said that she wished she had Cassidy's hair, so we made it possible by borrowing Cassidy's hair for a few minutes...

Grandma has four arms... (this was Cassidy's invention and she even posed us and took the picture herself)

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