Sunday, June 1, 2008

What was I thinking!!!!?????

Alright, this was a really not-smart decision on my part.... They had a softball tournament here in Bagdad this week and I said that I would play on a team and it was an all-night tournament. It truly was all night long! Our first game was at 7pm and I left the field the next morning at 8am!! And I think I was probably the ONLY sober person there!!! It was insane!! Drinking and playing softball just don't mix for some people and I am not going to do it again next year because the enviroment wasn't the best!!

Morgan and the kids came and cheered me on in my first game at 7pm and that was fun, they were good cheerleaders. Then Morgan took them home and they went to bed (luckily)-- It got wild and crazy after that!

As you can see in the pictures, it looks like I was run over by a bus!!!! Actually, the truth is, I played 1st base and was run over by some people, but I slid a lot too!!!

I just have to remind myself that I am 29, not 15 because I am walking today like I rode a horse for a year or something....

Live and learn!

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tara said...

Christa What were you thinking? Are you hurting a lot from it all. I tried to play Softball on Saturday and it was fun but I do not think I could play all night. So way to go girl. Any how looks very painful.