Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Little About Me....

I got tagged and thought that I would actually sit down and think for a minute, so here goes...

1: What was I doing 10-years-ago? (this is a picture of me 10-years-ago)

Yikes, let me think... I was 19-years-old and I had been married for 6-months. I was barely pregnant with Cassidy but probably didn't know it yet. We were living at Heather and Kimo's for a little bit until we moved into an apartment since we just moved to Gilbert, ARizona from Rexburg, Idaho. I was working for the City of Mesa Parks and Recreation Department and Morgan rode his mountain bike like a maniac everywhere out by Heather and Kimo's house. I was scarred he was going to kill himself or something. He still has a few scars from that summer. Morgan was probably in between jobs like he was for the first year of our marriage because he was also attending ASU. It was a fun time, but I think I like time just where I am at now....

2: What are five (non-working) things on my to do list today?

Well, let's see...I am going to do this in retrospect because is is 12:30 at night...

1. take the kids to library time. (this is where I learned that Will was not born with a "library voice")

2. take the kids to Tot Time at the pool (this is where I learn that Will only wants to go down the slide over and over and over. And over)

3. take the kids to Children's tea bo and Kids in Motion (this is where I learn division: 4 Lunchables doesn't divide evenly with 6 people.)

4. Take yummy watermellon (18 cents a pound, can't beat that), over to handsome husband and Stake President at the church after a long night of interviews.

5. At 8:30pm I ran around fliers to some ladies in the ward for our Enrichment night tomorrow night. (this is where I relax because I listen to a book on CD as I drive around, and I try to have quiet feet as I stick fliers on doors so no one will see that I am delivering them late at night).

3. Five snacks I enjoy...

1. anything chocolate

2. Honey Nut Cheerios

3. More chocolate

4. watermellon is nice

5. wow, I really like chocolate

4. Things I would do if I were a billionare...

1. go on a much needed family vacation-- maybe a Disney cruise or something

2. visit church sites in an RV (completely paid off...)

3. buy all my cub scouts a full uniform including two pairs of socks and matching hats to boot (that would pretty much take up all my money...)

4. pay someone to come and follow me around karate chopping my stomach and thighs while I go about my day, and maybe this will be a new weight loss program.

5. Go see Mother-in-law and father-in-law on mission in North Dakota and get to the bottom of all the "big stuff" out there. (You have to understand, they have "big things" everywhere, Big chairs, big signs, big everything... very pecular}

6. Send the Primary President and the Relief Society president on a much needed holiday, somewhere far away with no phones. I would send the Bishop away too, but I kind of like keeping him around...

5. Places I have lived:

somewhere in Iowa, Mesa, Arizona, Gilbert, Arizona Rexburg, Idaho Pocatello, Idaho Boise, Idaho Flagstaff, Arizona Bagdad, Arizona and Heaven

6. Jobs I have had:

Housecleaner (age 12), babysitter, pizza maker, pizza delivery person until my mom found out-- good money in that, but pretty dangerous for a girl. Accountant-type person at First Interstate Bank, Chase Bank employee, JC Penny photographer, Junior High Track Coach, Junior High Softball Coach, Elementary Coach, Plastic Surgery Associates, DayCare worker, Site Supervisor at all the After School Sports programs in Mesa, Arizona, Gymnastics Coach, and a Mom

7. Job I like best:

Mom! But a mom is really all these jobs rolled into one and you get paid in sticky kisses and poopy diapers. Love it all!!!

Now you know too much about me.... I will have to kill you now!


Farr Family said...

I always love reading things like that. I know you are a great mom!! We are settling into our new life. Small town life is different but good. I'm sure you can relate!!

The Pettit Family said...

Hey Christa! I do remember you. You were on varsity basketball when I was on the jv team. It's so nice to hear from you. Funny that you know Rex too. Treading water for 20 minutes! I'm going to have to talk to him about that. Well, your family is just beautiful.

annebabe said...

hey i know that girl in that picture! and i know it was taken in ross park, pocatello, idaho. how scary that i remember that? :) don't be alarmed, my brain is freaky with random bits of info. loved your post, very neat to peak inside your brain. and i'm so with you on honey nut cheerios, i buy them in bulk at cost-co. :)