Sunday, June 1, 2008

Fishing Clinic

The kids and I and some friends in the ward went out to Coors Lake, which is just up the road from where we live, and went fishing on Friday. The Game and Fish guy was there to teach us some stuff and help the kids, it was really fun and he came in handy when we needed to re-string poles, cut worms in half, and get fishing lines untangled. Maybe we should bring him everytime just so us moms can have enough hands!! It was really fun! Will's favorite part was swimming in the water and Sarah loved being there with the worms, and Lund caught the most fish and loved it!

I am also including a picture of Cassidy and Sarah and the Fish and Game guy. Cassidy is a bit of a Drama Queen and wasn't happy in this picture because she hadn't caught any fish yet. Right after this picture was taken, Sarah handed her pole over to the Fish and Game guy and said "You do it, you can catch a fish for me" and then she headed off to have some fun elsewhere. Poor guy, 5-year-olds are harder to deal with than any Game or Fish out there!!! They are the true Wildlife!!!

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