Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Extrodinaire!!

I just wanted to report that I had the most wonderful Mother's Day Ever!!! It was full of cute, touching moments and happy, silly moments and many moments in between. Some highlights came in the form of breakfast in bed-pancakes made by Cassidy, Lund was guardian of the door to make sure mom didn't wake up too early, and even Will pitched in. The kids all came into say "Happy Mother's Day" and they handed me my wonderful blueberry and cool whip pancakes and as they came in Will had a sucker in his mouth (that must have been his breakfast because Mom was still in bed). Anyhow, after everyone told me Happy Mother's day and handed me my stuff, he looked around and then popped the sucker out of his mouth and gave it to me. A touching moment only a mother could appreciate. It brought tears to my eyes!!! So cute!!! And then the Primary sang to all the mother's during Sacrament meeting. The moment that I will always remember is that of Lund as they were singing Mother, I love you I Love you, I do... And then they had to point to their mother's out in the audience and I was on the front row with Bishop next to me and Lund made a really dramatic pointing to me right in the front row. It was so cute and got a few chuckles from the crowd. Good times!!

I also loved the wonderful dinner made by Morgan, my favorite boneless Honey BBQ chicken from scratch and then we followed with a really healthy (haa Haa) Chocolate cheesecake to die for!!!! It was Wonderful with a Capital W!

All in all I had an amazing day. I also had a chance to wear the pearls my dad just got me from his business trip to China and they were so Beautiful. Thanks Dad!!!

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The Davenports said...

I love it! And I just had to say that Lund was so cute in the primary program! Dave and I were watching him the whole time and laughing at how into it he was!