Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Redneck Disneyland!!

We just recently returned from a wonderful/sad trip to the Salt Lake City area for my grandmothers funeral. I will get to more of the funeral in the next post, this post is all about Redneck Disneyland!!! a.k.a. Cabella's. Here's the story... The last few days of our trip we stayed right next to Thanksgiving Point in a brandnew Springhill by Marriott hotel in Lehi, Utah. Very awesome hotel! And right across the street they had just opened a brand-new huge Cabella's. Now, I did not know what a "Cabella's" was and figured it was just a glorified ACE hardware or something and so everytime Morgan drooled over it, I just pretended not to hear. I mean how many lawnmower's can you get excited about. And don't even get me started on how boring picking out ammunition is. But Morgan is indeed a wonderful man and after buying me a double jogging stroller, which I have been coveting for like a billion years. And getting it on sale no less, I figured we could all go visit this silly "Cabella" thing and after 10 minutes, we could then get onto Thanksgiving Point (the real fun)!

Well, Boy Howdy! Was I ever wrong! They just need to post a sign at the door that says "Welcome to Redneck Disneyland!!!" That silly Cabella's was the funnest, greatest store I have ever been in!!! And the kids loved it!

When you get there you get into your rollercoaster car (better known as a cart), and you get to see huge aquariums, huge mountains filled with stuffed animals, the heads of many, many dead critters, eat rock candy, shoot guns at different things, and do many other fun things. I couldn't believe the fun that was to be had at that great store. We made sure we threw "Cabella's" hats on the kids, so none of the other rednecks wearing said hats would call us out, and then "yahoooed" around both levels of the store! It was so stinkin' fun that we ended up spending 2 1/2 hours there and could have gone all day if we didn't have to check out of our hotel by 12 noon. We even got Will a 'coon skin hat so he looks official in all sorts of redneck situations.

When we were about to leave I thought that they should charge people to come here just like Disneyland, and then we got the reciept!!! Oh, I get it!!!

p.s. we didn't even go to Thanksgiving Point, we were all partied out!!!


rileymmega said...

We have been going to "redneck disneyland" for years (the store started in Nebraska) so every time we drive, we stop on the way to Omaha. The kids love it and it gives us a break in the trip. The one in Utah is a fun one too. It's funny to me that you just recently discovered cabellas. Cheap thrills, Huh?

Tom & Lindsey said...

Tommy and the boys go there ever so often. I didn't know what I was missing. I guess they were keeping it a secret from the girl in the family. Now I am going to have to go next time. Your blog is great.