Sunday, February 3, 2008

I guess that I didn't eat enough almonds!!

o.k. here is a cute story for you... Today we were driving in the truck coming back from Stake Conference in Prescott, Arizona (1 1/2 hours away from our house). Anyway, we had some almonds that we were all eating as we drove home and Morgan and I started talking to the kids about how almonds helps your brain to get smarter and stuff. Well, we got home and later this evening, Cassidy and Lund came running in to tell on their sister. "Mom, Sarah said a bad word. She told us to shut-up!" Well, this is a banned word from our house because I think it is rude so I talked to Sarah and I said that she needed to choose nicer words and why did she use that word?" She proclaimed, " I just had to, I couldn't help it! I didn't eat enough of those things in the car and my brain just isn't smart enough!!"

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Strong Family - said...

Very cute. I love the minds of kids. They help make life entertaining. I'm sorry you've had sick kids too. I guess I'm just grateful that mine always seem to get it at once. We've definitely gotten a lot more sick since we moved to Texas...but Jacob & Zach are also in school now too, which I'm sure is a big contributor.