Monday, December 24, 2007

new journal idea

I have decided to turn my blog into a journal of sorts. I am going to try to post how each day went along with pictures and at the end of the year, I will make it into a book and then, wallaaa! my journal will be complete.
To start off with, tonight is Christmas Eve and we had a wonderful dinner. We had Karen and Thor Anderson over for dinner and they were a riot! We really loved hosting and put out our best china and everything. The menu included: smoked ham, candied hams, homemade rolls, two different kinds of salads, and homemade Christmas candy and cookie bars. It was all topped off with some sparkling apple cider and it was marvelous!!! Morgan can smoke a mean ham, and so you can imagine how delicouso that was!!!!
But, I think I am getting ahead of myself because today actually started out with Morgan making silver dollar pancakes, fun stuff!! And then we cleaned the whole house do to the fact that Santa is coming tonight and we want to make room for "stuff" that he might bring!!!! He!!! Plus, it is always good to hit the kids up for cleaning projects when "Santa is watching"!!!
We also read the Christmas story tonight before bed and now we are just waiting for all of the kids to fall asleep so Santa can make his grand entrance. Cassidy, of course, is the only one still awake. She just keeps having "Christmas attacks" and can't seem to sleep. It may be a long night for all of us.
The only drawback to today is that I am struggling with a sore throat, loss of voice thing..

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