Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas Day is done and I still find tinsil in my teeth.

I really don't have any tinsil, but I just feel like the mess is lingering! The kids came up to me yesterday (the day after Christmas) and said "we don't have anything to do". I laughed myself silly, only the day before they had recieved gobs and gobs of new "things to do". I just told them to stretch their creative muscles and they did survive.

Will, who hasn't had a great immune system since his bought with salmonella last January, started spiking a fever last night and I just can't figure it out. He doesn't have anything else wrong, just the fever, but he just sits there lethargic on the couch, with swollen eyes and bright red ears. Poor guy!

I wanted to add some pictures that I had on the computer from last week when Morgan played Santa for the Bagdad Community Campus, it was really cute. Will screamed instead of sitting on his lap and Sarah said to me later "Santa was Daddy, huh?" I asked her why she thought that and she said, "He wore the wrong shoes!". He! He! I am also including a picture of a little girl who was REALLY scarred by the sight of Santa Morgan. Fun stuff!!


Strong Family - said...

Hey! Cute pics right back at you. I'm so happy you started a blog! I love that people can look as much or as little as they want (I look a lot). I just sent out our "New Year's" cards...ours didn't make it before either. I'll email you our address. Fun stuff!

Bonnie Hynes said...

so funny that Will is freaking out and it is Morgan! Thanks for the blog, did you know we have one too?

Farr Family said...

Hey Christa
I'm so glad you joined the blogging world. It has sucked me in but I love looking at all of the cute blogs there are. Your kids are so cute and look like lots of fun. We just got your card. I love the letter. Cute idea!!! Hope you had a great Christmas. We love ya- Kimberly